Dear – memories to recover

Explore the technology and themes presented in the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back.” Use insights from the episode to design a service that uses similar technology for positive purposes, creating an enlightened service that avoids dystopian outcomes.

This service looks at the ways people deal with losing someone close to them, by turning memories and data into special performances that help celebrate the person’s life. Dear gathers information carefully and uses AI to pick out important memories, making each memorial unique and comforting for those grieving.

di Milano

Speculative design, 
Service design   

S. Arioli,  M. Cahill,  A. Francesca,
G. Pietracaprina, E. Rosato, D. Torrisi

The future scenario

In 2052, every citizen will own an advanced ID cards that store a person’s life experiences as data. The company “Dear” uses AI to creatively process these data, crafting emotional narratives to share with a selected audience.

1. Memories collection

Memories are transformed into diverse experiences for remembrance and emotional release, including performances, games, sensory activities, parades, walks, and more. The register and user collaboratively decide the best commemorative method based on the analyzed memories, without strict rules.

2. Performance generation

When the user contacts the service, they provide the deceased’s identity card and relevant data. An AI system collects and analyzes data from the ID card, web, social networks, and the person who requested the service. Relevant information is extracted for representation.

3. Connection

Dear connects applicants with relevant strangers who share similar experiences, creating mutual benefit. Once the experience type is determined, compatible registered users are automatically invited to participate.

The experience

We have designed and prototyped a path to offer a one-way experience that addresses storytelling in an unconventional way, through multisensoryand digital experiences that could be lived individually. 

Dear x Emma

Emma is a single mother who has  tragically lost her teenage daughter, Asia, and is overwhelmed with grief and uncertainty. Seeking solace and a way to honor Asia’s life, Emma reaches out Dear.
Together with her family, they decide to embark on this emotional journey to remember Asia and find healing, cherishing her memory in a collective experience.

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