Investigate the pilgrimage ritual, employing speculative design to craft an interactive experience using Arduino® technology. This project aims to blend tradition with modern interactive elements, fostering a deeper understanding of ancient practices in today’s digital age.

In a future where being constantly busy is the norm and personal time is overlooked, Viatora stands out. It’s a movement that challenges this focus on non-stop work by encouraging a step back to focus on spiritual health. Followers of Viatora get a kit called Itinero, which is designed for a daily ritual to take a break from the daily grind and to feel connected with others in the movement.

di Milano

Speculative design, 
Service design   

A. Brunetti, A. Fuga,
G. Lisoni, S. Gubiolo

What if escaping from society was no longer allowed?

The search for efficiency typical of contemporary society is also infiltrating leisure activities, redefining them from a productivity perspective. The time has come to act, to rediscover our path.