Imagine how the future of higher education will look like in 2037 and develop a product service system in the context imagined.

wedesign4 is a project born from the collaboration between Universities of Design and Architecture, distributed throughout the territory, to face the growing number of natural disasters. The service-system is developed through an open source platform that offers easy to assemble products designed to respond effectively during emergency situations.

di Milano

Service innovation, 
Service design   

Z. Ackali,  A. Bruno, 
A. Fuga, N. Wang

The platform

Schools need to transform their teaching model to be more flexible and permeating.
Through the establishment of the wedesign4emergency course based on the philosophy of Learning by Doing, students are trained and made aware of the climate emergency and are stimulated to use their skills to solve socially interesting and useful problems in the scenario to obtain valid projects to upload on the platform.

Skills are a precious resource and they can’t be wasted.
On wedesign4 we connect people with skills from all over the world and support them through a network of virtuous companies to enable them to design products and services that alleviate the problems caused by natural disasters. The designs and models of the products are then uploaded onto the platform: anyone can download and produce them locally, using the Fablab network affiliated with the wedesign4.

The twist bench

The Twist bench responds to the need of communities affected by an earthquake to share moments and emotions with those who have experienced the same.
Conceived as a seat, it can accommodate from one to three people, facilitating in a simple way a complex practice. Dedicated to common places, the community united by assembling the object has the opportunity to recreate a place dedicated to a convivial and meaningful moment: the meal.

Little material waste
the material is widespread and easily available, it is possible to realize single pieces also from waste of other productions.


Diffuse processing machinery
CNC is one of the most common machines in FabLabs and woodworking labs.

Essential packaging
consists only of a rope that holds it all together, the same rope is reusable on site.

Easy transportation
when disassembled, the product takes up little space and is stackable.

Looking for more?

Have a look at the project’s book.