Quadro – a living gallery

Develop a service system for the formal covered market in Sansiro district, Milan, with the goal of improving the overall situation and revitalizing the area by attracting visitors, supporting local businesses, enhancing community well-being.

Quadro aims to create a living gallery in the former market, square, and car park, fostering a strong neighborhood identity and encouraging community engagement. A neighborhood garage provides repair services and art workshops, while a permanent interactive exhibition tells the neighborhood’s story along a wall, with modular expansions throughout the area.

di Milano

Service design,
Urban planning

A. Bruno, A. Fedrigo,
R. Yu, W, Zhang

3 Main phases

The main issues identified in the San Siro neighborhood are a fragmented community and a lack of neighborhood identity.
To address this complex situation, we have chosen to tackle it through smaller, manageable steps.

1. Provide tools

In the initial phase of the project, we will undertake a complete renovation of the market and its surrounding area, revitalizing the space and reintroducing it to the community with new and innovative services.

2. Build together

The center of the service is offering to citizens of the QUADRO a space where they can learn and express their creativity through group activities guided and not inside the garage and the auditorium.

Thick wall system

Different modules are disigend according to different functions and alternated in the overall site.

The wall of the permanent exhibition acts as the generator fulcrum of the entire thick wall system of the living gallery. Starting from it thick wall modules expand in the square and outside as a progressive and unique organism. 

3. Spread

In the third phase, when the community is strong and ready, a poster campaign to promote and strengthen the identity of the neighborhood within the wider Milano city will be launched. 
The copy is written in several languages so as to reach all cultures, the slogan “Questo รจ il mio Quadro” means “This is my Quadro”.

Want to know more?

Have a look at the project’s book.